The QUICK START 1-DAY Course - A superb launch into the Forex
for beginners and intermediate traders

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Quick Start 1-DAY . . . What you need to know and practice to begin active trading . . . safely!

 This Quick Start 1-DAY Course provides the classroom content found in our three or four day standard Quick Start Course training without the extended 12 weeks of live mentoring and coaching. Video simulations of live trading sessioins are utilized because the world foreign exchange markets do not operate on weekends. At the close of this day's training you will ready to begin trading in a live practice account and you will continue to have full use of FX365i's Wealth Smart suite of indicators for the one week following the training.

Behind the next tab above is a complete review of the topics covered during the four class sessions across eight hours.

Your Quick Start 1-Day Course

Session One provides your Forex foundations. You will learn about Forex terminology and the basics of how the market works. You will learn to use our special, proprietary software and become ready for your initial experience with Forex trading in a practice account.

Session Two
leads you through the ins and outs of opening and closing your trading station. How to operate the software. How to open and close trades using the Institute's quique methodology and you will have a working understanding of the trading station.

Session Three upacks the proprietary indicators one-by-one. All questions will be answers until you understand the basic function of each. You will also learn to identify good trade setups using safe trade criteria as well as the skill of profitable entrances and exits.

Session Four teaches what it means to be a real trader emotionally. You will learn how to think about the market and how to show proper respect for the financial power you now posses. You will discover the disciplines necessary to separate you from the rest of the worldwide trading population, and how to practice these disciplines until they become engrained habits.

 Effective pre-course preparation is vital to maximizing your Quick Start training experience.
The Institute askes you to prepare for the course in the following three ways:

  •  Bring a PC computer (laptop) with Windows XP or newer and the Microsoft Office suite. (If yours is a Macintosh laptop, software such as Parallels, will be needed to run Windows based software.)
  • Read The Forex Mindset by Jared F. Martinez (hardcover or digital book available at Students regularly report that the personal growth benefits of reading this book are well worth the effort, let alone the excellent non-technical orientation it provides to trading the Forex and the importance of "emotional intelligence" in successful trading.
  • Study our Glossary of Terms which will be emailed to you following your registration for the course (a 6-page PDF document).

 The Quick Start 1-DAY Course Fee is $499.00.

Early registration is recommended as space is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The course fee is due at the time of registration.

 Please click here to register now.

Your satisfaction with the training is guaranteed.

Instructor Rob Guth presents a portion of Quick Start Session One.

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